Jools & Jane

PicMonkey Collage quilt


A new venture for my crafts & quilts is my upcoming shop on Etsy!

Testing out some of my new crafting styles and expanding my personalised, home-made ideas beyond my family. The name of the shop comes from three generations in my family; myself, my mother & my grandmother. Without either of them I wouldn’t be here today and I want to mark my work with the legacy that lives on. After the passing of my nana, it has been an important mission of mine to label my work with a piece of her. At first this was because I wanted all the new little babies in the  family to have piece of her as we welcome them into the world. But now I want to share the love of Jools & Jane with everyone.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage taggie

The Baby Jane doll & Taggie Tots

The following are a couple of quilts I have worked on since moving to Canada. I’ve expended my creativity with more personalised hand embroidery and a new sewing machine with add-ons for quilting!

PicMonkey Collage quilt 2

reubs quilt

PicMonkey Collage USE THIS ONE

PicMonkey Collage FRINGE BLANKET




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