About Me

Hello, I’m Jools.

Born and bread in Ireland but I’ve recently set sail across the sea to start a new adventure in Toronto, Canada with my fiancé Gary. Our journey began on July 1st, 2013 when Gary & I literally left on a jet plane, with no home or jobs just a suitcase full of hope & excitement.

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Since moving my love for travel, life, sewing, quilting and most recently wedding planning have really blossomed. I finally get to let my creative side flow and more importantly love writing and documenting my life now.

“I was here I lived, I loved.

I was here I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted & it was more than I thought it would be .”

Having a little Beyonce quote in your life never hurt anybody, so I hope to follow this mantra and continue to live the life I love.

One year down, I’m so happy that I began to jot this journey that I get to call my life. I’m continually learning to adapt to our life in a new country, while trying to keep my Irish roots along the way (much to a lot of confused Canadians dismay).

Heavily featured in my blog will of course be my ever-expanding Irish family who are nestled safely 3260 miles away and how we manage to stay as close as ever, no matter the distance!

Follow me as I jot my journey.



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