Tiny Tots & Jools Jots

Those tiny little people I’ve mentioned numerous times in previous posts, well I finally got to spend three wonderful weeks with them. I’m not sure many people have been as fortunate as me, to become an auntie at such a young age and to be opened up to the happiness and fun that kids bring into your life. I am so happy that I have all these little ones in my life, at 23 I have 10 nieces and nephews (plus one on the way!) to run around after and to dote over. As I watch my family grow and expand, I find it hard to yet match the joy of being an auntie. I am forever grateful to be part of such a big family & to make the memories I got to make over those past three weeks.

I’m sure that many people my age would be less enticed to spend their three week holiday in the middle of a huge bunch of screaming kids but for me? It was heaven. My mornings would start off with my gorgeous niece Eva, pre tantrum, jumping up on my bed and laughing her head off.



 Post tantrum you were definitely guaranteed a cuddle.


When your living away from home, and they’re old enough to know, it’s great excitement for them to be welcoming their auntie back (with gifts in tow).  My two nephews Sam & Jude were obviously most excited about this gift giving part! The best thing about this is they have memories already, so they know what to expect.


When my sister & her husband came to Toronto last September it was in the early stages of her pregnancy. Almost hitting her first trimester, I was so excited to see her and know that the next time we would meet she would be a mother. Month by month, her belly grew and I got a lot of wonderful scan pictures and facetime snaps of the little surprise we were all dying to know and meet. I knew that as soon as he was born, I had a 6 week countdown until when we would get to meet. I tried my best to be as patient as possible, but as soon as I met the little beauty I wouldn’t let him go.


The best part about it all was being blessed with becoming his godmother. I was absolutely besotted with the little angel. The bonus of becoming a godparent to your nephew is knowing that you get first dibs on the cuddles.


Fortunately this is my second godson in the family! My first godson Sam was born 8 years ago, back when I was overwhelmed with being asked to carry out the special role. Now I feel like god-motherhood is a walk in the park! I’m so happy that I get to be a special part of both their lives.


I’ve spoken a lot about how it feels to be living away from home and not being physically part of family life. Well, I done my utter most best to squash in three weeks of as much family life as I possibly could. With this being said, we were blessed with the wonderful weather Ireland decided to have when we got home and so I was able to spend the majority of my time out the back garden playing with the kids.






To see my nephews Reuben & Joel who only share a 10 week gap. Both their little personalties are so unique and different in their own ways . It’s amazing to watch them all play together and see what these little people act like around each other. It was really special to see Eva (who’s 5 weeks older than Reuben, 15 weeks older than Joel) with the two boys also, because she lives in England and isn’t home often, it was a special memory seeing them all play together under the age of 2.




I’ve also spoken before about the anxiety of finally getting to meet my niece Freya after 9 months. It’s a strange mixture of emotions because although I feel like I know her already, there is no way to explain what it’s like to actually get to see a little personality shine. To physically hear the little laugh, see her sitting up and attempting to crawl. I’m so happy that finally I got to make those long awaited memories and be part of her little life.



I’ve also spoken before about my lovely cousin Leanne becoming a mother last January. I was most excited to see her and finally give her a big hug (as well as little Layla) and to just see how wonderful her life had become with the arrival of this little doll. Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s unbelievable how everybody’s life changes suddenly from this one little baby. It’s infectious to not be happy, smile when you see them smile.


The time spent building all these wonderful memories at home and capturing those times will always be close to my heart. I can only hope that someday you will all know the happiness of being called an auntie.






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