Tossing and turning, checking the time every hour on the hour. I waited as patiently as I could before it was a reasonable time to wake Gary up, to get up, and to get to work. After all it was my last few hours before we could finally get going.

I finished up work, basically running through the packed streets of Toronto too excited with life to have a care in the world [or to care about how many people I may have excitedly bumped into]. But, before I knew it Gary & I were sitting in the back of the airport limo looking out the window and bidding fair well to the city we called home for the past year [almost].


I couldn’t believe that in a mere few hours I would be seeing all my siblings in the flesh. After spending the past 49 weeks, all the hours on facetime and countless what’s app conversations, I would be able to finally sit at my kitchen table and have a chat & a cuppa. For the longest time I’ve been trying to string the words together to explain how I was feeling, to be able to share them with everyone.. but I honestly don’t know where to start. The level of emotions was off the scale. I was pumped, buzzing, hyper, ecstatic, elated,excited.. pure crazy! Anybody that’s been away from home and living abroad will understand this level of emotion. But for me, all my feelings boiled down to happiness. My time in Canada so far has been nothing but amazing, I wasn’t relieved to be leaving at all, I was just overwhelmed with excitement of being reunited with my family.


Never anything less than I would expect from the amazing bunch of people I get to call family, they all stood – all 30 of them -awaiting at the arrival gate. The minutes spent waiting on my luggage felt like a lifetime. I paced up and down the carousel checking the tag on any bag I thought may be mine [even though I blatantly knew it wasn’t, I felt like I was being pro-active in the time wasting, when I KNEW my family was only 20 feet away]. Gary just stood there smiling at me, knowing that this moment meant more to me than anything in the world. I cannot explain the butterflies, the overwhelming shock that hit me when the gate opened.

I didn’t cry.

I didn’t know where to look or what to do, but I felt it. I felt my mam’s arm wrap around me and hug me tight. I felt the warmth and love that only a mother’s touch can give. She didn’t only hug me once, she hugged me again and again until finally I came around. I felt the happiness spread across my face, as I started to hug every single member of my family. I held my niece Freya, 9 months old and the first time we were getting to meet. I kissed her rosy pink cheeks and hugged my brother at the same time. Finally I got to see him as a dad! Baby after baby was placed in my arms, my nephew Jamie only tiny barely 6 weeks new. I grabbed my sisters at the same time, kissed them both as hard as I could.


And then I spotted him, standing perfectly behind the barrier with his little smiley face. I ran over and wrapped my arms around him, the head of the family. He kissed me on the nose and he told me how happy he was to see me. I could feel the emotions running through my veins, the buzz pacing around everyone bone in my body and hitting me with adrenaline. I turned to his side and seen my cousin and her baby, with her perfect little face that was topped with a big bow. I picked her into my arms and gave her a little squeeze.


I squeezed my sister and her pregnant bump, I held my nephew and heard him talk for the first.



I seen my niece run towards me with her afro of curls, the familiar chubby cheeks and the smile. I grabbed my brother and his soon to be wife. I smiled from every part of me.


I seen my 5 strapping nephews, grow tall and mature. I kissed them all one by one, until I got to the last little curly haired bombshell, and I seen him waddle over to my brother.Watching him take the first steps I had waited months to see.

I was ecstatic.

I sat on the bus, driving down the M50 as familiar sites started to hit me in the face, one by one I counted off the exits until it was our turn. I never thought I’d be excited to be driving around my estate, waiting to see my dad’s van in the garden and his smiley face in the driveway. I jumped off the bus and into his arms, he squeezed me tight and said “great to see you Jules”. His voice as if I had never left.

I walked through my doors into my {what seems to be huge, in comparison to the condo] house. I ran straight to the back yard where my little furry friend rolled straight on to his back, throw his paws in the air and wagged his tail. Maybe that’s how I was feeling and what I was feeling rolled in to one?

And that was it, I was home.






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