Homecoming Countdown


4 weeks today.

I cannot believe how fast time is going by, its May?! When did that happen.. amongst the coldest winter and battling through to Spring, its finally almost here. The time Gary & I get to spend our summer holiday in Ireland, who would have ever thought we’d be excited about that?

Well.. in celebration of the final countdown to the BIG homecoming here are some gifs that pretty much sum up what I’m most excited about when I arrive home!

leaving work

The last day in work.

Being on vacation for 19 days – Hell YEAAHHH.


Gary pre Flight.

“To Calm his nerves.”

waiting on luggage

Waiting on our baggage and knowing my family is only a few feet away.

toy story

Reunited with mi familia.


My nephews dance when they see me in the airport.



Frankie at the door/window when we pull up!

home alone

Upon entering my house .

“Ahhhh stairs!”


When I see my brothers.

food 2

Having a home cooked meal by Mama D.


Inhaling my food before I eat it – spice bag heaven.



Roll on the wedding of the YEAR.


Both sisters celebrating their Wedding Anniversaries on the same day!


I been Drinkin’

family activities

Goofin’ around with the family.


Going into Penny’s after being away for a year.

Shopping spreeeeeee!

 minion 3

Thanks for reading along folks!




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