Paradise Falls

The first 15 minutes.

Every single time I watch it I’m fully captivated, teary-eyed, swaying along to the music and falling in love all over again. I guess that’s just the power of Disney, or maybe the storyline of Up.


It wouldn’t be Disney if you couldn’t relate and in some ways, I look at Carl & Ellie and it reminds me of what a true love story really is. I’m sure to many they can compare to a love story, but I see many different people fall in front of my eyes. I see Gary & I, my parents, my grandparents. When I say Gary & I, it’s the young, fresh, eager, excited, ambitious couple who share a common love for adventure. When I say my parents & grandparents I see a lifetime of Love, a hurdle of hardships & unforgettable memories. The details that I find most perfect are the two little arm chairs which symbolise their personalities that are so very different, yet fit so perfectly together. Or the wedding scene in which the sight of her crazy, wild family (sound familiar?) and his small, quaint family realise they are completely out numbered. The most beautiful scene in which you witness the raw & real moment of a woman struggling with the reality of infertility, the sun gently shining on her face as my soft tears begin to fall.

Then my dimple slowly returns as you see how love will always take the course that it’s destined for, how they still had the most wonderful journey in life together. Although they never made it to Paradise Falls, they had everything else they always wanted – picnics together in the park, reading books side by side, holding hands – all the little things we take for granted in life.

And then there is that shot that pulls your heart strings completely from your chest, sitting alone after losing his wife in the church, Carl’s sad unspoken words show you what it’s all about in the end… Love, Life & Loss. I cry harder this time than ever before, because now I look at Carl and suddenly I am reminded of my granda. Carl without Ellie, is the same as Christy without Jane. The unwilling mood to speak or talk to anybody, the sadness that consumes his life, the gentle talking to his wife on a daily basis. All of these little emotions & actions seem more familiar than I expected. As the journey unfolds and he opens up to the next chapter of his life, with Ellie beside him in spirit, you see how he has learnt to live with his hurt & he is ignited with a new spark in his life.

Paradise Falls, is a land lost in time, BUT Webster Falls, is not so lost and can be found nestled perfectly outside of the hustle & bustle in Toronto, in the heart of Hamilton. This past Saturday we set out on our own little adventure for a hike in and around the falls. Gary & I were invited along by our friends Konstantin, Kayla and her lovely mom Debbie. Fortunately we all knew what was about to happen, but poor Kayla was oblivious to it all.  Enjoying the scenic route and chit-chatting away,  little did she know the unexpected was just across the stone brick bridge. The surprise, shock and excitement captured in the moment when your significant other decides he wants you to be his wife, is a feeling you cannot describe. With a shaking hand, I tried my best to capture a couple of shots of the lovely newly engaged couple, the happiness in their eyes as they also begin to start their journey & adventure together.

I’m so very happy I found my Carl & Kayla also. The true greatness of  UP is that its not the expected fairytale, it’s the real everyday life fairytale. Although life may not always go the way you want it to, although there can be some hard times, they always come with the UP’s.

The story in pictures.






“Nobody sees what we see, they’re just hopelessly gazing”





Up Image from here.

All other photography by Jools Jots.


One response to “Paradise Falls

  1. Hey, I loved your post so much it almost bought a tear to my eye. UP is without fail my favourite film, due to the countless hidden life messages it holds. The sadness of the first 15 minutes is overwhelming yet you are left feeling full of happiness at the end. It is a fantastic lesson on love, life and friendship. The most important message I take from UP is, Yes, fight for your dreams, but don’t get lost in them so much that you forget just how beautiful the present is ❤

    Lovely to hear about your friends' engagement too 🙂

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