Just Jools & Jane

This past Easter Sunday marked my nana’s 1 year anniversary away from home. Hard to believe that a year has passed since we last seen her smile or laugh, sing, dance or just having her big personality present in our lives.

Although it has been hardest for my granda to adjust to life without his wife, it’s also been very hard for everyone in our family. Mainly because we are so closely knit, we all feel the intense sadness of constantly missing out on this wonderful ladies seat at the table or voice at the end of the phone. I live so far away it can be hard to remain a loop in the knit, when you really just miss the personal comfort of giving someone a hug or a cuddle. Before moving away I had a fear of missing out, but I can honestly say I haven’t missed out on a single thing.

This past Good Friday my sister gave birth to her first born son Jamie and I’ve never felt more connected to my whole family. The wonderful part of life is once you make the time, the technology is available. I was able to Face time my sister on Thursday evening before she went into hospital and I was also able to speak with here a mere 2 hours after giving birth on Friday! I was able to see my new nephew too, I may be biased but he is the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen.

PicMonkey Collage 2


Jamie McGill

These types of advancement that keep you so close to home help in ways you cannot even explain at times. Although nothing beats seeing people in the flesh, seeing them through a screen is a LOT better than not seeing them at all!

While I continue to sew, make crafts and welcome the new bundles of joy into the family with something personal and handmade, I decided that I needed labels to mark each piece I make. After I read an interesting post a few weeks ago about heirlooms that may be lost, unlabelled, misplaced and left in the world long after your gone, its important to mark your work with a personalised touch. It didn’t take long to decide what to name my label as I wanted to piece together my work from the three generations that hold me here; myself, my mother and my grandmother.

PicMonkey Collage

Just Jools & Jane

What stuck with me the most was how when I made that last quilt for my nana, it meant so much to me that she will always have it with her. Unfortunately the reality is with life comes death, but its important to remember that both need to be celebrated. As I label my work for the new little lives brought into my family, its nice to remember and give a piece of my nana to each and every one of them. So that leads me to the birth of my new label “Just Jools & Jane” .

I decided that it’s not only my family that enjoy receiving a new handmade personal gifts at the birth of a baby, but many people around the world. I’ve decided to open up my own etsy store which will be coming soon (JoolsandJane) where you will be able to order and request personal products of mine.

It’s an exciting venture that I’m looking forward to taking on while holding my nana close to my heart. Here is a sneak peak of the styles and items I’ll be selling.

PicMonkey Collage dolly

The Baby Jane doll

The name of this dolly comes from a song that my granda use to sing to my nana, as she was the youngest in her family, she was naturally called the baby (Like I am, the youngest of 6). The words of the song went;

“You’ve got the  cutest little baby face, there”s not another who could take your place.”

PicMonkey Collage taggie

 Taggie tots

Both my nephews Reuben & Joel have had a taggie since when they were born and I had never noticed before how much babies feel the textures and fabrics of these small comforts.

PicMonkey Collage quilt 2

Jools Quilts 

My quilts have continued to grow from creative stitch to stitch, the most recents have had hand embroidered names.

PicMonkey Collage quilt

Label Love

My favourite part of my work is now this tiny 2″ x 1″ label.


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