Auntie Jools

The hardest thing about living away from my home is not being close to the tiny little people in my life that bring me so much happiness.

Because I was the baby of the family all I had was older siblings to look after me. I missed out on the part of having a younger brother or sister to annoy and boss around. Until I was 7 … and then I became an AUNTIE. Not for one but for two nephews, I had TWIN nephews. So from 7 years old I became Auntie Jools and I was pretty excited to step in to my new role. Although it didn’t take long until they started to mess up all my Barbies, scribble on my books and leave me screaming “MAMMMMMM” every time they came over. It was the beginning of a whole other level of love for my ever expanding fam-jam.

me ross and gary

Proud Auntie aged 7 & 21

I was then lucky enough to become godmother for my nephew Sam. By 15, I was auntie to 4 and becoming a full time baby sitter. This was the most fun, because finally I got to see what it was like to have younger siblings. Even when my brother and his family packed up and moved away, with frequent visits back and forth we made the time spent with them even more special.

me and sam

My godson Sam & I, 2013.

And now my little niece Eva who lives in England with my brother [and his soon to be wife] still manages to keep us all smiling, cooing and awwing over her little curly happy self even though they also live away from home. I guess the point I’m trying to get at is, closeness. Throughout the years having two siblings living in the UK hasn’t changed us in any way. We’ve always remained close, being part of each others lives. This time it wasn’t going to change when I was the one moving away. It’s just who we are though, we’re a pack. It’s how we’ve always been and how we always plan on being.

me sam and eva

Enjoying my sisters wedding in the Sun.

Now that I’m away I feel like I have an extra duty to fill in my role as an auntie. I never had any younger siblings, but I was lucky enough to have 5 older ones. And every single one of them stand out as a different role model to me, they still help me, guide me, give me advice and support me even though I’m a few thousand miles away. I was probably one of the most fortunate people to not only have my parents, but have an extra 5 people looking out for me. So now in return for all their love and loyalty to me, I hope to step in as that person to their kids. Not only be an auntie but be a role model, someone they can turn to in the future. But up until then, I plan to just smother them with embarrassing auntie love and cuddles.

When I fly home to Dublin in 10 weeks [aaaahhhhh 10 weeks!!!!] I’ll have a new niece Freya (who I haven’t met yet) and my sisters baby (who is still waiting snuggly to arrive in the next 4 weeks) AND my cousins beautiful baby Layla. This leads me to my sewing machine, and a lot of sewing in the next 10 weeks!

sam and jude

Sam & Jude

This past weekend I started my little project for my two nephews Sam & Jude [my March challenge]. As they are now big boys, 7 and 5 I didn’t want to make them quilts. Instead I opted for a Canadian themed hockey print fleece and chose a fun fringe pattern. The project was a new one I’ve never tried before, it was quick and easy and turned out great! I have additions to add but as I took the trip to King Textiles today to grab the last bit of material I needed, it was closed [there is nothing more annoying than an unfinished piece when you’ve worked on it all day!].

Anybody that lives in downtown Toronto and may walk down the busy Queen Street West will know of the guy that screams “FABRIC SALE” every single day, hail, rain or snow on the corner of Spadina. Well I finally listened to him, [10 months later] and this weekend I stopped by to look for some fabric for my next April project.


Layla’s fabric

I stumbled across some perfect pink soft flannel prints for my next quilt for little Layla. While grabbing all the bits I needed, I spotted an interesting print to finish off the fringe fleece blankets. But, with my hands already full I gave it a miss and of course when I went back to get it… IT WAS CLOSED. So for now, here are my Canadian fringes. I know that when I pack my bags for Dublin, they will be filled with nothing but quilts and crafts for all the little ones I love.





One response to “Auntie Jools

  1. Brilliant Julie ah they will be delighted and also remember they are all so lucky to have a special auntie 💕

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