Family & Football

Dicker jersey

Wembley 2008

Sunday mornings usually start off with the noise of football coming from the Ipad. First sounds I hear are usually a commentator shouting over rowdy fans, as I roll over to see what game we’re watching. I’ve gotten use to the reality that no matter where I go, how far I travel.. there is no escaping football [soccer for all the Canadians] and I’m quite happy about that. A big part of everyday life at the Dicker household, it doesn’t suprise me that its now transported with us to Canada, even with a 5 hour time difference. There’s something about the game that reminds me of home.. and of my family.

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Soccer smiles

Growing up with a brother that eats, breathes &  sleeps football is obviously bound to rub off on family life at some stage. No matter what team he was playing for, we would all be out there supporting him. Some of our best family memories have been based around football, times when we would all come together. 15 of us driving from Dublin to Brighton to go camping for a week so we could watch the first game of the season, waiting for the FA cup draw to see what road trip we could book next, but the most memorable family memory was going to watch the play off’s in Wembley, London. All of us on the plane, laughing, joking, singing and drinking – moments that football brought us together that you can’t ever replace or get back.  Packed in the smallest pub with my closest family, cheering on a team with all the supporters, buzzing for a win and what it could do for the team, community and our family.

wembley winners.jpg 2

The Road to Wembley

No matter what, you can’t help but be happy when you win. When you see what winning means to somebody else in your family, when its written all over their face, and you’re standing in the crowd witnessing it changing their life, you can’t really explain that level of happiness. For many people that don’t understand the sport, they find it hard to believe that a game can influence your life in such a way. These people don’t know the joy it can bring because in those moments, as a family, we got to witness a snippet of a dream come true.

wembley winners.jpg 3

A proud moment regardless of the game, but winning promotion at Wembley stadium with my Nana & Granda on the sideline? Something we will all remember and all cherish. My Nana with a bacardi in one hand and the medal in the other, she wouldn’t have done it any other way!

nana granda

Until this weekend I had forgotten how much I missed this sport. I miss watching soccer saturday, match of the day and sky Sports news.  All of which was usually what my mam would be watching anyways! Before leaving for Canada I took for granted the convenience of  taking trips to Brighton, to see my brother & his family, to go and see a game… I miss seeing his desire and passion, a love so pure for a sport that can bring so much happiness into life. Now I see it in my nephews too, how they get so much joy from playing the game & how we all get joy from cheering them on. Football has been and always will be a big part of our family, and as always I’m looking forward to the next game.

sam and jude

Sam & Jude 


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