Throwback Travels

~Once a month I’ll be throwing back to a travel I’ve been on~

Niagara Falls September 2013 132

This throwback goes back to September 2013 when my sister & her new husband stopped off to see us in Toronto on the way back from their honeymoon in Barbados. To say I was excited is an understatement. I literally could not sit still all day in work as the time dragged, I sat impatiently waiting for the text to say she was boarding the flight. As soon as I finished work me & Gary went on a little “adventure” having rented a car for the first time. First we stopped off at Ikea, where we picked up my sewing desk & then I picked up some balloons to have when we met them at the airport. LETS JUST SAY Gary has a little issue with opening car doors when there’s balloons inside. I sat in the passenger seat and watched the balloons float by my window. After the mini tantrum we set off on our way to try and find the airport & just as our luck sets in – the road is closed. Fantastic, we had a full blown argument with the GPS until we ripped it out and I was crying. Finally we pull up at the airport and I come running through [picture Jim Carrey: Dumb & Dumber scene] with what balloons I have left to find my sister & her husband standing their smiling.. waiting on me.


The balloons that didn’t blow away.

So after the tears, [mainly because I was so happy to see them] we set off on our little journey to show them around our new neck of the woods. The next morning, we whipped them up a Canadian breakfast [pancake mix, maple syrup + bacon] and set off on our trip to Niagara Falls. We spent the car journey singing, reading Niagara Falls facts & eating. We stayed in a double suite on the 37th floor of the Hilton with a falls view room. One of those moments & memories I will have forever, the 4 of us just sat there for a minute and had a good look around us. There we were, 4 Dubs sitting looking at one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. Beats sitting at home havin’ a cup of tea + looking at the rain hit the window!


Pancakes. Yum.

Niagara Falls September 2013 019

The Newlyweds.

Niagara Falls September 2013 017

Havin’ a good look.

We took a walk down along the park to see the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and then up to see the American Falls. It really is one of those times when a picture doesn’t even do it justice. Me, Gary & Anne-Marie went off to board the maid of the mist leaving Ciaran to sit and take in the view.

Niagara Falls September 2013 025

Niagara Falls September 2013 044

Poncho’s on, smiles plastered on our faces & drenched in mist we sailed in and around the horseshoe falls and back out into a beautifully perched rainbow. The boat journey was fun & well worth the $15 ticket. To anyone questioning visiting Niagara Falls, don’t. JUST GO.

Niagara Falls September 2013 069

We stopped off in the souvenir shop of course…

Niagara Falls September 2013 142

 And then we headed out for a beautiful meal that night, even hitting up the slots in the Fallsview Casino afterwards…



Of course we couldn’t have left Niagara without breakfast so we stopped off at the most obvious choice…

IHOP [International House of Pancakes.]

Niagara Falls September 2013 168

The best pancakes we’ve ever had [with multiple different syrups]. Delish. The boys were happy – obviously.

Having family come to visit you when you live so far away is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You appreciate every moment you spend with them & you value it because you know it will be gone again in no time. I’m happy I got to see my sister when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy! And now she’s only 7 weeks left to go, I can’t wait to see baby McGill in a couple more weeks!

Until the next throwback, I’ll continue to jot.





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