Friend Weekend

Last weekend was the ‘Family Day’ long weekend when Canadian’s in Ontario get to celebrate the importance of family and family life. As Gary & I don’t have any family here we chose to enjoy the weekend with our friends Kayla & Konstantin up North. Originally our plan was to go dog sledding but unfortunately this was not the case. We arrived at the windrift kennel to be left utterly flabbergasted by the level of animal cruelty we seen. While not going into too much detail, the dogs were not in fact huskies but instead different mixed breeds who were too fragile & weak to support the activity as was visible on the lesions and growths on their backs . The instructors behavior towards the animals was absolutely sickening to witness and we left without hesitation. I do not in any way support any type of company that is misleading in its website and portrays a false sense of environment for the animals participating in this sport. Kayla & I have both sent in reports on animal cruelty and hope that this company is investigated soon. For anybody living in Canada and planning on dog sledding I would strongly recommend not visiting this location.

Hard to pick up the atmosphere after that awful incident we drove back to Ali’s house where we went for a walk to clear our minds. Lake Simcoe is on the foot of her house and has completely frozen over. We stepped out onto the fluffy snow covered lake where in the distance we could see all the ice fishing huts set up. It is a surreal feeling walking on water and looking back at the homes along the shore nestled side by side under mountains of snow. Gary & I walked back down to witness the sunset fall on the frozen lake. As we stood and watched the orange glow glisten off the snow the locals surrounded us while we stood in amazement as they snowmobiled + wind surfed with snowboards around us. Breathing in the frosty air I had one of those, what seems to be daily, moments of happiness. Holding hands through our mittens we watched as the lake turned to darkness as we followed our footprints back up onto the land.

Besides the bumpy start to the weekend I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun weekends we have had in a long time. Much to Konstantin’s happiness we decided to go to Mandarin for dinner [a chain of buffet style restaurants] on Saturday night. From the moment we sat down all we did was laugh, reading over ‘top tips for mastering buffets’, tactics of approach + as the plates of tasters passed we all sat giggling while are bellies began to grow full. The desserts were evidently the favourite course as Konstantin instructed me around the assortment of chocolate pies and cheesecakes, mastering which was the best options. Gary returned with Kayla and their impressive plates even had waffles [unfortunately we missed out on those, Konstantin needs to step up his buffet game]. Without internet or t.v we managed to enjoy a good old evening of conversation, something that can be hard to come by in a bustling city of 4 million.

Gary & I enjoyed Sunday with a nice trip to Fabric Land [not sure if he would class that as enjoyable, more so followed me around while starring at his watch] where I picked up some fun fabrics to try some new + exciting projects out over the next few months! We finished off our weekend with a lovely glass of champagne thanks to Ali & Phil and relaxed in front of a fire while the snow fell gently on the windows.

This Family weekend I am happy & thankful for making some happy and effortless memories with great people. Its very rare you don’t do a thing , but the company you are with means everything.

Things quote

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Walking on Water at Lake Simcoe

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Meet Kayla & Konstantin 

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Mandarin Dessert Happiness

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