Enjoy the little things

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‘Don’t worry about money. The best things in life are free’

Coincidentally enough I find my two fortunes [from the one cookie, double whammy of fortune I’ve been told] in my purse from two weeks ago when Jing was celebrating the Chinese New Year. Valentine’s Day = This intense pressure to feel the need to prove to everyone you love your partner more on this day than any other day of the year.

But instead of buying an abundance of gifts, I took an evening to look back over all the moments that showed me how much love does not require spending any money.  My fortune couldn’t have been more true because the most fortunate things in my life are free, they’re those moments we find ourselves laughing, smiling, closing our eyes and locking that memory in so that you remember it forever. You can’t buy the moments that it takes to make the little things the big things.

Over the past 8 months I have enjoyed all the little things because being away from my family makes me appreciate them more. Capturing moments, saving them & sending them my way makes me love my family more than ever. They don’t realise that those little moments they capture & quickly send to me are the most important. I’ve been able to be part of all the big things,like birthdays, Christmas, my niece + nephews learning to walk/talk! Being able to see all these moments from the other side of the world is amazing. For once, I’ve taken a little of Kanye’s advice. Take a moment to think about what matters most to you.

Collecting Moments, Not Things

And I don’t care ’bout all the diamond rings,

They Don’t mean a thing, all the things,

All these fancy things.

I tell you all [all the glitter] my weight in gold

Now all I know, I know all these things



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