A Wonderful Life

Rule 74: Never be too busy for loved ones.

Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to pick up the phone and make a call or text. Since moving away I have done my best to not let this occur by staying in touch with my family & friends as much as possible. While I am away living my life in Canada, life at home also goes by and not only do I experience new and wonderful things but so do they. When I read that rule above,  I remember that I am in control of how I spend my time, if I want to make time for my loved ones at home I should do so because if I don’t – I will only have myself to blame. We all know that time can slip past so quickly that before we know it, months have gone by. My experiences I share with my family are just as important as the experiences they have to share with me.

Today I was so happy to spend my time on Skype to my cousin Leanne who introduced me to her beautiful daughter Layla, only 13 days new to the world. Although I cannot be there in person, I feel like my heart is with everyone at home as the celebrate such a wonderful time in their lives. This quality time isn’t something you can buy or get back at a later stage, its something precious and in the moment. All these collective moments I have gathered on Skype have made my time and experience is Canada even better than I could have imagined.

PicMonkey Collage layla jane

“The more we put into our relationships, the more we get out of them”

cousins are the first friends we have as children

For anybody that doesn’t know me, Leanne & I are cousins born a mere 7 months apart. Growing up together we were of course best friends through our childhood, teens and now as adults. We both are continuing to grow and following the paths destined for us, although on different routes – we are still on the same journey of life. While my path has taken me a couple of thousand of miles away, her path is at the base, its at home where she is settling in to her new life as a mammy. Sometimes I see photos of us as kids and I find it hard to believe that we’re still not playing away together in the front garden of nanas house, now we are fully functioning adults. Where did the time go?- exactly my point. Suddenly the biggest decision of our lives isn’t what to wear to the local disco!

PicMonkey Collage world cup

Cheering on Ireland in the World Cup 1994.

I can’t wait to be part of the journey with her as she fills this new and exciting role in her life. As you grow up and your life changes, you realise their are friends that stay by your side and their are ones who don’t, although Leanne and I are cousins, I like to think friendship plays the bigger part! Over the years we have grown up together, sharing friends and experiences and always having the bond of family between us. Now as an adult I realise that all the memories I have of our family are shared with Leanne, and they are the most important to me.

PicMonkey Collage spain 1991

By 2013 we dropped the bonnets! 

picmonkey spain 2013

On the subject of time, I have spent the past weekend working on a quilt for my niece Freya. Some people may wonder why a person in their twenties would quilt, and the answer is really simple – because I like it! Because I like the idea of giving somebody a gift that cannot be bought, I’ve put my time and effort into making a gift that will forever be a keepsake of love from me to whomever it is for. If I wish to dedicate my time knowing that I can make a handmade, personal + thoughtful gift, that in the future I can look back on and know that I put a lot of my hard work, energy and love into it; then I’m a happy girl. Sometimes a gift that keeps giving and holds memory is better than something bought. You can read all about the quilt I made for Freya here, on my new quilting page. January Quilt – Freya, February Quilt – Layla!

And then here I am onto my bucket list present, No.7 to be precise – Quilt. I figured, while I challenge myself to this goal of 1 quilt a month, I would like somewhere to document who the quilt is for, fabrics, measurements, styles ,etc. So I decided to start a quilt journal. You can read all about my quilt journal here, on my new craft page.

[The Rules of Life, Richard Templar, Pearson,2006]


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