The Next Chapter

It’s taken the past two weeks for the dust to settle after the most amazing Christmas ever. Its funny how much life can change and how suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fit. I spent ringing in the New Year with my now fiancé and wonderful friends that I have 2013 to thank for. Over the past 6 months I have grown into a person I never thought possible, I have accomplished so much that I can look back on and say how proud I am of everything I have achieved. I hope that in 2014 I can continue to suprise myself.

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The best surprise in 2013 was by far my engagement. Gary asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve and In that magical moment that only happens once in your life, I said yes! A moment I will always hold close to my heart.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind”.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Of course like every other person in the world, January 1st hits and the list of New Year’s Resolutions begin. For me it’s not all about resolutions it’s about setting goals in the different aspects of life – career, personal, health, financial, physical, etc.

The reasons why I set myself goals? It keeps me focused, motivated and positive. Since moving away from home I have had to change my train of thought, like I mentioned before I was very happy being snuggled away in my comfort zone. But what could I get from life by staying nestled with my family? How could I build a career, experience travelling, living away from home and so much more?  My usual thought process – what ifs, buts, how – turned to positivity.

I began reading The Rules of Life a few months before I left for Canada just after my nana had passed away. The reason why? To have a happier and healthier mind frame for when I began my travels. The book is based upon a set of rules that help you get more from life by being positive.

By following the three rules below I achieved all the goals I had set for myself in 2013 – setting up a life in a new country, a home with Gary, career, friends and travel. How I manage to maintain a positive mind is because I take a bit from each rule and incorporate it into my day to day life.

I appreciate and respect the fact that Canada is my home now; I don’t waste time thinking back about when I lived at home or when I worked in my old job, reminiscing and trying to clarify my reason for being here. I focus on the present and future, what I have now and what I have to look forward too.

Rule 22: Don’t dwell on the past. Home is here now. Each second of this present is precious. Don’t miss what is happening now because where you were too busy looking back or later you’ll be busy looking back at this time and wondering why you wasted it. Live here, live now, live in this moment.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not always a bed of roses living away from home but it is a lot better than I could have ever imagined. Everyday I’m away I get more and more confident in myself and the fact that I’m getting to experience and travel and take everything I want from life makes it so much better. You never know what life is like outside the comfort zone until you take the first step.

Rule 33: Be prepared to be a little brave every day. Expanding your comfort zone makes you feel good about yourself. Taking the challenge of expanding our comfort zone brings us out of ourselves and keeps us learning and growing. 

How I live away from home and away from my family is by following this rule. I am the girl that family means more to than anything. So I speak on a regular basis, sometimes daily, to my multiple siblings and extended family. Without touching base I wouldn’t be the person I am, they support me and they encourage me and they are there for me through my whole journey. They want to share the experiences with me.

Rule 47: Remember to touch base. Base is home. It’s ok to have ambition and move on from our roots, but it is also important to know who we are and where we came from. That’s the joy of touching base – being somewhere where you are accepted without question and everything around you reminds you of what’s really important.


I look forward to starting 2014 with new goals and challenges, I want to make sure that the next 365 days of my book are filled full of even more memories. So I’ve decided to put together a bucket list for the year that lies ahead.

You Can view my bucket list here.

[The Rules of Life, Richard Templar, Pearson,2006]


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