My Fairytale of New York

Sitting down with a cup of tea and reminiscing 2013 on New Year’s Day. Today its been 6 months since Gary & I moved to Canada and we’ve had so many memorable experiences but the one that stands out the most has been this Christmas.

As  I got to open the little window of day 20 on my advent calendar I couldn’t hide the excitement of finally packing up our Hyundai rental and setting off on our road trip to spend Christmas in NYC with my friend Lisa and her Mom.

I met Lisa while in college and although our friendship spans just over 3 years, it feels like we’ve known each other forever. It doesn’t happen often, maybe only a couple of times in your life, but somehow you cross paths with a person that you know will be a friend for the long run. When I met Lisa I wasn’t sure what was happening with myself but she helped to bring out the best in me, along with our other friends in college we grew and together our personalities shone as we laughed and cried through our sewing machines until we both found our way. Me in Canada + Lisa back in her hometown of Wantagh.

She has filled so many memorable pages in my life but the week we spent together for Christmas was for sure the highlight. As she said to me, true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes. And just like that we slipped back into our old ways laughing and joking about the roller coaster that was college life. Like anybody living away from home at this time of year, it can be tough mainly because you miss the comfort of family and traditions. But when I stepped inside Lisa’s house and seen a stocking hanging upon the side table with my name and one with Gary’s, I knew that this Christmas would be like no other. From that very first morning both Lisa and her Mom went above and beyond to make us feel more than welcome in their wonderful home. After Lisa took me for a gel manicure (yes she spoilt me rotten.) I had the honor of helping her decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree. While we hung all the decorations with care, the smell of Christmas filled the room and a smile spread across my face. Lisa managed to do whatever it took to make her New York home, my home away from home.

Most of our friendship had been spent on Irish soil so this time around it was her turn to spread our friendship across her home land. On our first day in the city she took us to Union Square, where I ticked off another Christmas market on my list. Nestled snuggly away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we roamed freely with hot apple cider in our hands through the arches of Christmas lights where in the distance the Empire State Building stood shining, red + green in all its glory. This was the beginning of the surplus of moments that clarified why spending Christmas with Lisa was the best idea I’ve ever had.

If I was to write about everything we done on our trip, it would for sure clog the blog so instead take a look at some of the special moments that I managed to capture on our trip. We take pictures of things that we hold important to us, moments that we can look back on and smile.






The Magical Moment





Although the beginning of the year seen the passing of one of the most important people in my families lives, I remember what my nana’s view on life was – having a good time + as many laughs and memories along the way. As her song goes.. “Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind, smiles we gave to one another.” I take pictures because they capture that smile not only for a memory to leave behind but that I know my nana is smiling with me along the way.


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