So its Sears

Sometimes I consider it luck + the rest of the time I consider it to be faith, determination + positive thinking.

When you pack up your life and move 4000 miles away from home you don’t really know what to expect. I knew that I had to grab any opportunity that came my way with both hands and so that’s what I did. And to my amazement I was welcomed with (after a couple of interviews + an aptitude test) a Fashion Jewellery Buying Coordinator position with Sears a mere 19 days after I had stepped foot in Canada. I was lucky enough to find a job in the specific career path I had always wanted and that would never have been in my reach in Ireland, for more reasons than characters available in my blog post.

So I went along to my interview at Sears and of course as nervous excited as can be. Little did I know out of the two women that interviewed me the one that sat quietly and tentatively, observing my character would end up becoming one of the nicest, funniest,  most supportive, kind, and smart women I would ever meet in Canada.


The job offer call +  My first day in Sears.

Jing, as many of my family will already know (I can’t help but talk about this woman on my regular Skype dates with home) is so much more than just my boss. When the tooth extraction ordeal crept up, she was there with her smile, support + sensitivity. Having experienced what I am experiencing moving away from home and setting up a life in Canada, she knows exactly how this process works. Always an afternoon treat in tow whether it be  chocolate, bubble tea, gingerbread lattes or cookies (no wonder I had to get both wisdom teeth pulled, thanks Jing!)  her kindness shines through and through. And that’s because she’s truly a wonderful person. I will forever be grateful for meeting her + I know that having her will help me in so many ways, not only in my career but in life also. Her drive + passion is a constant reminder of the buyer I want to become.


Jing & Jules

So, this leads me to the next group of girls I have the pleasure of working with in Sears. Starting a new job is scary, but starting a new job in another country is what one might describe as petrifying. Again this is not what I experienced, I was welcomed with was the biggest bunch of lovely girls that I now have the pleasure of calling friends. Although I was the odd one out with the strong Irish accent, they took me under their wing and I was happy to sit at the lunch table and recite the words they found hilarious “3- tree – three” ” patatoe – padaydoe” and so on. Before the first day had ended I knew my job at Sears was going to be better than I could have imagined.

Firstly meet Madelaine + Kayla.You just know it when you’ve met a good pair of friends. And these two are two gems. I don’t know if its just Canadians or this pair, but again luck was on my side.They have introduced me to so much including brunch, turducken (yes that is turkey + duck + chicken all stuffed into one – oh did I forget to mention Madelaine’s husband is a chef, obviously we’re friends!), poutine, maple syrup + cinnamon fried toast, eggnog, caesars, Hulk (Kayla’s adorable miniature poodle) + so much more. (Ps Madelaine do you notice its all food related? duh.)


Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am here to build a book of memories. And slowly I see myself filling up pages with not only these two but with the rest of the Sears girls below. Some friends come into your life for a reason and these have all not only taken up space in my scrapbook but also my heart.


Jacklyn, Kayla, Madelaine

Krystal, Corrin, Myself, Danielle 

*Blog title inspired by Madelaine! Follow her journey on


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