Friday evening brought some unexpected colour to our condo, when Gary arrived home with a bunch of roses in tow. For no reason in particular  I got a lovely little suprise and it sparked a cord with me. As I put them into the vase + placed them down onto the side table beside the framed picture of me & my granda. I remembered the song ‘Roses’ by Kanye West.

collage flowers & frame

“Cause with my family we know where home is, so instead of sendin’ flowers, we the roses.”

Two minutes later I found myself typing Roses into youtube. I hear similarities of what my family went through on my nana’s last journey before she passed away in April. The song talks about how the family comes together in the hospital waiting room, many days we spent there with all my family over the year before my nana passed.


“Tell her everything gonna be fine, but I be lying, her family crying, they want her to live, and she’s trying”

No matter how big or small the trip to hospital, we would all come together, brothers, sisters, aunties, cousins, grandchildren ,great grandchildren and nana would sit in the middle of us all. After all she was the head of the family. And we would sit there with her, laughing and joking and just being us.

The hardest part about moving away from home is leaving family behind. But I am fortunate enough to stay as close as ever to my family through skype. Now he is the head of the family, I get to tell my granda all about my journey in Canada.

“My grandfather tryin’ to pull it together, he’s strong. That’s where I get my confidence from”

skype collage

When he picks up the phone and the first thing he says to me, every time I call “Its great to hear your voice” I know each day that I’m away I learn what he’s always wanted to teach us all, the importance of family and that no matter the distance we are always connected by the heart.

Everyday for one reason or another, my nana will pop into my thoughts on her daily visit. It may be a song or memory passing by, but more often that not her song will linger memories. And then I remember, that’ what I’m doing here. I’m building my book of memories.

nana collage

“I, smile, when Roses come to see me, And I, can’t wait for a sunny day (seeing it through your eyes), 

Can’t wait for the clouds to break”


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