Jot Jitters

Suddenly when you spend four days stuck in a 550 sq ft condo, minus two wisdom teeth and a mouth full of stitches writing a blog doesn’t seem as scary. Four months into my move to Toronto I was faced with my first big ordeal which was dental surgery.

I now introduce my two lobster claw friends teeth.


The week had started off on a high when on Sunday evening my brother Chris arrived on Canadian soil alongside two over sized suitcases packed full of food from Ireland. That’s the thing about being the youngest child of six, spoilt rotten no matter how far away you are from home. Unfortunately the counter space wasn’t big enough to house all my gifts, but here is what I could fit.


As Chris has been to Toronto on a couple of occasions the usual tourist attractions were off the list and instead we took an Irish approach to the week spending most of the time eating and drinking.


One of the most memorable nights out we had started off at Betty’s on King Street, a small, quirky, bar/restaurant filled full of charisma and charm. A fun, music filled booth prep’d us for the night ahead and the food was pretty darn good too. Of course I opted for a Bettys burger (enough to line my tummy before any alcohol made an appearance) topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle and a choice of cheese. Oh, and a side order of fries all for $11.95. The boys went for a deep fried lb of wings ( I played it safe considering I was wearing red lips) with a side of fries also $11.95.

Enough said, but we will definitely be returning to Betty’s in the future.

Our next stop was The Pacific Junction Hotel,  which had a similar vibe to its neighbor but with a couple extra bonus’ of ping pong + Coronita Margarita’s + Mojitos = drunk happy Irish people. All in all, was a night to remember!

The last evening pre Chris’ departure and my wisdom teeth extraction we took a rainy walk down to exhibition and looked back at the city of lights. I took a few minutes to remember that all these places have there moments, this one being in Toronto with my bf and brother. My book of life is at the beginning of the journey, and I’m filling each page, one by one.



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